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About My Home Management Inc


We at My Home Management want to be the first place you think of to call when it comes to any needs you have for your home.

Looking to sell a house? We're your people!

Looking to buy a house? We're your people!

Looking to renovate a house? We're your people!

Have a leak? Need a light replaced? Water heater busted? 

Guess what... WE'RE YOUR PEOPLE!


Our Process


We have a goal of being New Yorkers' go-to firm for anything Real Estate related. We know buying or selling a home can be confusing and stressful, and homeownership can seem daunting. But we're here to make it easy, our goal is to be there to guide our clients when they first start looking to buy a house. We will guide you through your mortgage, choice of attorneys, and be with you at every house you look at. You'll always have someone with experience in the process whom you can turn to, you'll never be overwhelmed. Whether it's a new construction home or a derelict fixer-upper, nothing will be too tough for you with us by your side. We can create your dream home from the worst fixer-upper in the neighborhood. 


Whether we help you find a new construction home or a fixer-upper we'll be there after the purchase to help you either fully renovate a home or personalize it to fit you and your family's tastes. New construction or recently renovated homes don't require much work, but they do usually come with "builder grade" material and will require personalization and upgrades such as lighting fixture replacements, or a custom paint job to fit your family's style. We can also create your absolute dream home if you decide that buying a fixer-upper is the right choice for your family. As licensed and insured Home Improvement contractors we can help you with anything from a new paint job, tile work, or a massive full gut to the studs renovation.  We'll make any home perfect for you and your family to move into.


When the time comes for you to sell your home and move on to something bigger and better, we will again be here for you. As a My Home Management customer, we will help you prepare for the sale of your home weeks ahead of the actual day we put your house on the market. If you need to move out first our moving crew can get you packed and moved within a day or two, is the house a little beat up and needs some TLC? We'll do whatever necessary repairs are needed and get your house ready to list so you can get top dollar for it. (Don't worry about paying upfront we can put the cost of renovations/repairs into the commission so you pay at the end when the house closes) . 


If you become a client of My Home Management through Buying, Selling, or Renovating your home you will gain access to our firm's exclusive client-only services. such as Maid Services, Landscaping, Snow Removal Services, and home maintenance services such as yearly pipe inspections to check for any possible leaks that may come up, yearly paint patches and touch-ups from wear and tear, yearly chimney inspections and cleanings, roof inspections every 2 years, and power washing of driveway and sidewalks every 2 years. 

We offer these services only to our clients that have bought, sold, or renovated their homes with My Home Management. All these services can be subscribed to as monthly fees individually or all together as one package. 

House Viewing

Buyer Consultations

The beginning of the home buying journey is finding out not just what you "want" but what you "need". We sit down with all potential buyers and discuss the things a home needs for them and their families. 

Business Meeting

Seller Consultations

When it's your time to sell your home we sit down and go through a Certified Market Analysis to determine a realistic price that your home will sell for. Overpricing and Underpricing can hurt you, we make sure numbers are accurate.

On-Site Consultations

When going through a renovation project you and your family are the most important parts of the whole process, we make sure to keep you updated with progress and site walkthroughs together for any changes you may have in mind. 

The Finishing


Whether you're buying, selling, or renovating with us, we make sure not to overlook a single detail before telling you that your beautiful new home is ready to move into. 


Our Quality Guarantee

We want to be your partner in the ownership and maintenance of your home. When we do any work for you it comes with our lifetime guarantee. No matter how small or how big the job is we will be here for you in your homeownership journey for as long as you want us. That's why we provide so many after ownership services only to our personal clients, we do not want to be overwhelmed providing those services to the general public. When you buy or renovate a home through our firm we want that to forever be a My Home Management HOUSE, but we want it to be your HOME. 

Let us help find or create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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